EURO 2008: Croatia Austria Results

Croatia 1:0 Austria, Croatia earned its 3 points!

Oh, but Croatia, why did you not score at the end of the first half? Why did you play that way in the second half? Please, don't do that again.

Some cheers from you hear in the stadium when Croatia plays in EURO 2008 :

"Jebo te koliko nas ima (Damn how many of us there are here) while another is about how few Croats there are in the world generally: Malo nas je al nas ima/Nije vazno strusit ce mo snove svima (We’re not many, but it doesn’t matter/ We’re capable of destroying anybody’s dreams)"*.

*From the web site When Saturday Comes


Catherine said…
The Observer (UK Sunday newspaper) mentioned that Malo nas je al nas ima song (Boris Novkovic/Dino Dvornik) too... though I've never actually heard a Croatian crowd singing it.

Neka pati koga smeta on the other hand.... :)

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