EURO 2008 Championship

Today's Financial times, US Edition, page 6, covered the upcoming EURO 2008 with the article, "Host countries make a play to shake off fusty image." This quote sums up the excitement and the historical meanings of the Championship games in Klagenfurt and the group that includes Austria, Croatia, Germany, and Poland:

"Having Poland, Croatia and Germany all in one group is unfortunate from a security point of view. Sticking them in Klagenfurt is absolute nonsense, says a seasoned observer. "At least England is not competing, which is a relief."

The EURO 2008 Championship opens this weekend. The schedule for the Croatian National Soccer Team (HNS) is: Saturday 8th, Austria vs. Croatia. On the 12th, Germany vs. Croatia, and on the 16th, Poland vs. Croatia.

My prediction is Croatia will win its group with a crushing victory over Germany and possibly the Championship as well, under the leadership of coach Slaven Bilic.

Today's Financial Times listed these winning odds:
Germany 4:1
Spain 5:1
Italy 7:1
Portugal 7:1
France 8:1
Croatia 12:1
Netherlands 12:1
Czech 16:1
Russia 22:1
Greece 25:1
Switzerland 25:1
Sweden 33:1
Turkey 33:1
Poland 40:1
Romania 40:1
Austria 100:1

By the way, in the US, the games early in the Championship are broadcast on ESPN 2. The final rounds will be on ABC.


forbruger said…
yes, sure, dream on. Let's see how the famous British soccer player Gary Lineker defined this game: "Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and one referee who makes a slew of mistakes, and in the end Germany always wins"

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