Lynn St Sirup Pancake Potluck

Last Sunday, I attended Lynn St Sirup Pancake Potluck. Yes, the correct spelling is Syrup. The invitation reads Sirup Pancake Potluck. You are correct, I just finished writing a dissertation. I have to reproduce the form rather than the correct spelling. Perhaps the misspelling is telling of something, I don't know. I was really stressed out last Sunday, but I attended anyway, with C, A, and Baby C (BC), my cool neighbors (CN), around 10.30 am.

We sat at the end of a table. Wait, that's out of order. We arrived with our potluck participation: CN: fresh, organic, sliced strawberries, Me: de-frosted mixed berries from the grocery store. We placed the food on the buffet table (as opposed to the seating tables). I noticed on the buffet the coffee on offer, labeled "Fair Trade Organic." Why the "Fair Trade Organic" on the label... Is this something brought to the buffet by people who want to be known as cool in a specific sub-culture? It is generous of them to bring such expensive and fancy coffee.

C and I fixed our plates with pancakes and syrup. Syrup! Syrup! Syrup! It feels great to spell it correctly. At the table, we met A and BC. I enjoyed the table settings. Just random tables, and newspaper (the comics) as tablecloths. I like
the decor. Oh, and good small talk with the people sitting across from us.

After, A noted some couples at the potluck are the type of people who are married and think they are better than everyone else because they don't have kids. Hey, I thought I was better than everyone else because I'm single. No, I'm not. It is cooler to be married and not have children. They are the couple in the photo - bearded man, woman in pink shirt. Their body language is similar, as well as their hair (but the beard). Yes, I am the cause of University IRB.

I can tell you about the very pleasant people that CN and I sat across from. From which we sat across. Simply pleasant, a couple.
Me: where do you all live? I'm in the white house at the end of the street, that way (nodding behind me)
Him: She (pointing to the woman) lives up the street, in the green house.
Me: Cool. (I don't want to figure that out, they are cool, so what does it matter).

As I am leaving with CN
Me: I'm having a party next Monday, defending my dissertation. Please come by.
Her: Cool. What's your dissertation about
Me: Well, just something that's finished, you know?
Her: Smiling, I got it! See ya soon.


Gruntled said…
Why would being married but childless be cool?
Balkan Barbie said…
Thank you for letting me know that the blog is interesting!

A very good question, Prof. I'm defending my dissertation Monday! I'll reply properly, very soon.

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