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What I Did Last Night, or, Punch Brothers Featuring Chris Thile

At The Canopy Club ( last night, I saw Punch Brothers featuring Chris Thile. You know that I like the mandolin.

I had seen Chris Thile a few
years ago, before his rise to fame.

This show, the band played songs from a new album. I guess that is why
they seemed self-conscious. The music seemed to follow their script.
Chris monitored the other players, when they would come in and out of
the songs, and signaled them as well. I know that is standard, but he
also seemed ready to jump on them for missing. They responded to him,
especially joining in as the audience responded to songs, but also
seemed like they were familiar with his bossy side. Maybe that comes
with the role of leader of the band, but he seemed less expansive last
night. For the last three songs, though, they let the music flow and
gave each other room to play their instruments and find their timing.
The whole show was good, but that was the best part.