If you were born in 1991...

Today in class, I asked the students when they were born (1991). I asked them what were the influences on their years in high school:

Columbine (high school shootings across the US)
Oklahoma City attack
Reality TV
Boy bands (Hanson)
Britney Spears
Bill Clinton

That's a lot of violence to experience, at the individual and societal levels. Pop culture goes very low culture. Lots of attention on teens to make it big. President defines standards for men's responsibility, activity, in sex and relationships.

I'm Gen X. Our worries were more along the lines of nuclear war destroying humanity, pot, stds. Much less violence. Much less pressure to make it. I wouldn't say we didn't have "real" problems, or we didn't know how good we had it, although that is tempting. I'm stunned, though, at the violence Gen Y faced as high school students. It is very foreign to my experience.


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