Best Tree House ... Ever

This is the best tree house ... ever. It is in the front yard of my parents' across the street neighbors. It was new to me on my recent visit home. I saw it and understood I would climb up to the tree house. I didn't ask any questions, not if or why, not how and when, not about the neighbors. I understood the moment would reveal itself.

I was up to the occasion. It was 2am on a Saturday and I was barefoot and wearing a short dress. The finale to a social evening. Let's take a minute to put the picture together. I used the wood planks nailed to the tree to climb up to the tree house. The nail on the top plank came loose as I was pulling myself up. A force stronger than gravity pulled me up on deck. My heart pounding. I was in the tree house now. Yah, my instinct was right on about this.

Sorry, this is not the best photo ... ever.

The tree house is a large "deck" built around the trunk and a large branch. They say a contractor built it.


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